Secretarial Services...

Here are some of the typical services currently being provided to clients, however, if you require something bespoke please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help

Diary & PA
Are you losing track of your meetings or special events? If so we can keep ahead of this and remind you in a timely fashion either by telephone, e-mail or text.
We can also arrange client appointments for you and keep on top of your diary.  There are ways that we can share diaries and e-mails to keep synchronised.

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to proofread your book, report, dissertation, leaflets, flyers etc.  We are more than happy to help, please contact us for a quote.

Databases and Spreadsheet
These are a great way of monitoring and keeping information, but very often with large amounts of information it can take time and effort to keep them updated.  Instead of using your time to complete this task Virtual Assist can take this pressure away.  We can create, update, develop or maintian your current database.

On-site Support
If you require my services at your own office, at events, exhibitions, promotional activity or meetings, please contact us for your individual requirements.

Trains, planes or automobiles – Virtual Assist is happy to research pricing, book transport and ensure that you arrive on time for your journey.  We can also arrange accommodation and transfers complete with an organised itinerary.

Word Processing
With 20 years experience there can’t be many documents that we haven’t typed up.  Happy to do a one-page letter, invoicing etc as well as your autobiography. 
Whether your document is hand written, digital, mini/micro tape dictation or Virtual Assist is able to take shorthand, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Mail shots, Mail Merge and E-Shot projects
Virtual Assist can undertake the entire project of any mail shot, mail merge or e-shot no matter how large or small.  From typing up the initial document or letter, setting up the mail merge database, addressing labels, stuffing envelopes and posting out.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Book keeping
Financial record keeping is an essential part of business life and keeping track of your income and expenditure can be tricky in the current difficult economic climate.  Virtual Assist are able to maintain books and records in Quickbooks, provide information on your current financial position, produce invoices on your behalf and chase customers for payment if required.
> If you already have an established system Virtual Assist is happy to learn new systems and techniques.

If you are wishing to have a little more impact with your presentation, perhaps you should consider using Microsoft Powerpoint for use on your PC.  We can also provide handouts to accompany your presentation.

To grow a business research can be a great tool be it customer surveys, competitor analysis, supplier research or scanning of the market.  Research will help to identify new business and income opportunities.  Telephone or desktop research can be undertaken on any question or topic you wish.  If required a comprehensive report can be supplied with conclusions/results for your perusal.

E-mail Services
Sorting the SPAM from the important e-mails can be frustrating and Virtual Assist can help with this.  We can answer any non urgent e-mail, forward any urgent ones for your attention and remove any unwanted e-mail with ease.  Leaving you more time to address the important issues.

Needing to organise a conference, meeting training or fundraising event?  Virtual Assist is happy to investigate venues, menus and assist with any organisation required.

If there is a service which isn’t on the website, please do contact me as we are sure Virtual Assist will be able to help.